St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Thursday, March 21, 2019
Serving the Living Lord....Past, Present and Future

Church Council

Church Council, also known as the Administrative Board, initiates planning, receives reports, sets goals, develops and coordinates proposals for the church's ministry, authorizes action, determines policy, and evaluates the church's ministries. 
Chairperson                    Jim Davis, 2018
Lay Leader                     Paula Vergowven, 2019
Lay Member                   Lisa Byers, 2019
Recording Secretary       Mary Vergowven, 2018
Ex Officio Members with Voice and Vote
Staff Parish President          Vicky Johnson, 2018
Finance Chairperson            Jerry Johnson, 2018
Worship Chairperson           William Lass, 2018
UMW President                   Paula Vergowven, 2018
Outreach Chairperson          Cindy Miller, 2018
Members at Large
William Zeestraten, 2018
Colleen Baker, 2018
Obie Green, 2018
Rick Reicherd, 2019
Duane Bair, 2019
Randy Lee, 2019
Chris Kull, 2020
George Low, 2020
Victoria Loy, 2020