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Monday, October 22, 2018
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2018 St. Paul's United Methodist Church Scholarship Application

To be considered for the St. Paul's UMC Scholarship, you must complete the following application and submit a copy of your high school or college transcripts. The transcripts must be submitted via email or mailed to the St. Paul's UMC office: 201 S. Monroe St, Monroe MI, 48161. Scholarship applications are given for undergraduate and trade school programs only. For more information, you can download the latest guidelines here.
For a downloadable version of the application, please click here.
If you have any questions regarding this application, please call or email the office:


Contact Information

First Name  Last Name
Street Address
City  State   Zip
Phone   Current Email Address 
Date of Birth  Birthplace

Parent Information

Father's Full Name   Father's Occupation
Mother's Maiden Name   Mother's Occupation

Personal Information

Enter your current St. Paul's Membership Status   
Which high school did you graduate from?    Year: 
Which college are you attending?  Where: 
When did/are you entering college?  When do you expect to graduate: 
What is your intended major? 
What is your college residence?  Other: 
College Address:
Street Address 
City  State   Zip 
What scholarships and other grants are you receiving: (Please List)
Have you, or are you planning to, borrow(ed) money for your education? 
Are you working during the school year?  
How many hours per week? 
Do you have a summer job? 
What youth and church activities did you participate during your school years?
What is your main purpose or goal in attending college:
Type your name as acknowledgement that the above information is accurate.