St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Thursday, March 21, 2019
Serving the Living Lord....Past, Present and Future

Why do we have a Finance Committee?

From the earliest days of our church's history, stewards recognized the profoundspiritual nature of giving within the life of the congregation.  The
ministry of Finance in our church balances the WHAT (funding raising) with the WHY(stewardship) of giving.
 The Finance Committee has approximately 20 members.  About  half are elected as at-large members of the Committee by the Church Conference and the remainder are ex officio with voice and vote.*  The committee oversees the financial program of the church including, but not limited to, assembling and recommending the annual budget, conducting the annual fund drive, arranging for any other fund drives of the church, and receiving reports from and providing direction to the Treasurer and Financial Secretary.
*Note:  With the exception of the Pastor, when paid employees serve on the committee, they serve without vote.
You can access Minutes and Financial Reports by clicking the following links:

Members of the Finance Committee are:
Chairperson:  Jerry Johnson
Lay Leader Member:  Paula Vergowven
Lay Member:  Lisa Byers
Pastor:  Evans Bentley
Class of 2018:  Jack Rayce, Karen Salisbury, Amy Ackerman, Mark Gladieux
Class of 2019:  Tom Pabin, John Tyner, Al Brooks
Class of 2020:  James Jacobs, Dale Sturn, Velma Mumby
Treasurer:  Jeanette Fedosky
Financial Secretary:  Peggy Plath
Assistant Treasurer:  Jim Morr
Stewardship Coordinator:  Brad Lewis